26 Jun 2020 | Russia


Changes to "COMMERZBANK (EURASIJA)" AO Tariffs for corporate clients


Dear clients,

Please be informed that COMMERZBANK (EURASIJA) АО (hereinafter – “the Bank”) tariffs for banking services for legal entities have been changed (hereinafter – “the Tariffs”) as follows:

1. In Section 2 of the Tariffs, the wording of monthly account maintenance fees is made more accurate (fees for Rouble account maintenance, Euro account maintenance and for maintenance of accounts in other currencies are provided for), the Bank’s right to charge an additional fee for the Euro account balance is added;

2. Section 4 of the Tariffs is supplemented with the provision admitting for free use of the customs and banking system of currency control during the first two months of servicing in the Digital2Go.Corporate electronic banking service system;

3. Section 6 of the Tariffs “Custom payment Card” is supplemented with the provision that the issuance/re-issuance fee is charged only for the physical card;

4. Section 7 of the Tariffs “Corporate Card” is deleted;

5. Section 10 of the new revision of Tariffs “Electronic Banking (Client-Bank)” (or Section 11 of the effective version of the Tariffs) is supplemented with the general term “EBS” applying to the two electronic banking systems: Digital2Go.Corporate and BS-Client; and other editorial corrections are made.

In accordance with provisions of 11.4 and 11.5 of «General Terms for Opening, Maintaining and Closing of Bank Accounts of Legal Entities of АО "COMMERZBANK (EURASIJA)”, please be informed that the new version of the "COMMERZBANK (EURASIJA)" AO Tariffs will come into force on July 27th, 2020.

New version of the Tariffs is available here [pdf, 416 KB] .

Sincerely yours,