Commerzbank Group

mBank – Retail Banking BRE Bank SA, member of Commerzbank Group

mBank was established in November 2000 as a retail division of BRE Bank SA. The initial business model assumed that target users would be mainly people who believe that new technological solutions (especially the Internet) are an effective and convenient way to communicate with the bank. mBank was the first virtual bank in Poland and one of the first of its kind in Central Europe.

In 2000 BRE Bank SA started its operation in retail banking, among others also partly through mBank.

mBank entered the Czech market in November 2007. mBank is a pioneer of innovation and internet banking and it offers to customers, who are interested to manage their personal finance in a rational way, the most important products and services at the best price. The product range currently includes personal and savings accounts, credit cards, mortgage loans, consumer loans and credit cards.

Nowadays mBank is an important part of the Czech banking sector and despite growing competition it remains on the position of the leader in retail and internet banking. Mbank's business model is constantly changing, but retains the essential distinguishing features - mBank doesn´t offer everything that was invented in the financial world, but only products and services which customers need the most. These products are for attractive prices and in a comfortable and friendly way. This principle is an essential element of the mBank business model and would remain so in the future.

mBank network in the CR consists of nine financial centers and 17 mKiosks. Financial centers are located in larger cities, mKioska are located in major business and shopping centers. Visitors can find in them terminals with permanent access to the internet to serve their accounts, telephones with direct lines to the bank call center (mLinka) and last but not least, financial advisors.