Sector expertise

If you want to advise the decision-makers of a mechanical engineering company competently and as a partner, for example, you have to be perfectly familiar with the topics, trends and challenges of the company and its markets in Germany and abroad. Commerzbank is therefore constantly expanding its sector expertise further.

As a result of its longstanding and trusting cooperation with more than 60,000 SMEs and large companies from all sectors of German trade and industry, Commerzbank can boast outstanding expertise in numerous key industries. It knows the entire added-value chain of a sector, the current trends and the challenges facing the companies, as well as their markets in Germany and abroad.

The concept, which has been fine-tuned as a result of the combining of segments at Commerzbank, links regional coverage more strongly with sector-specific and capital-market oriented advice.

Sector publications

Our publications supply you with important information on relevant branches of industry. Please contact your relationship manager to get more information.