The new Corporate Banking portal

  • Now in a new, even clearer design

Find what’s important to you quickly and easily.

From now you are meeting the Corporate Banking portal in a new form. So you can use our products and services even better, we have developed and optimised the website further for you. Revised navigation and contents as well as a clear, tidied up design offer better orientation.

Restructured: Contents and Navigation

Even clearer: So you can find the products, services and topics important to you even more easily, we have revised and restructured the contents - without omitting the usual information density, of course. A new, user-friendly mega-dropdown navigation menu will also get you where you want to go more quickly.

Better orientation: Login area

Something has also happened in the log-in area: it’s now coloured, so you can see at once if you’re logged in. Some applications and online banking are directly integrated in the main navigation area. Navigating with a dashboard has gone. Thanks to the changed navigation you’ll get even quicker access to the entire functional extent of online banking and to the areas relevant to you.

Now also optimised for mobile devices

Whether tablet, smartphone or another mobile terminal: we’ve made our Corporate Baking portal even more user friendly for you. Thanks to the optimisation to responsive design you can now access all publicly accessible contents of the Corporate Banking portal really conveniently - anywhere and anytime.

All the news at a glance

We’ll keep you up-to-date: We’ll inform you about new sector trends, studies, reports, events and much more on our new overview page “In Focus”. So you’ll always be informed quickly and specifically about current developments.