ESG on the agenda in emerging markets

Commerzbank launches new whitepaper on financial institutions and the global sustainable transformation

Commerzbank’s new whitepaper explores the evolving global ESG landscape, as well as the role of financial institutions (FIs) in facilitating and guiding the sustainable transition in emerging markets.

Across the world, efforts to establish effective reporting methodologies for businesses, investors and FIs are underway. Yet the sheer volume of different ESG reporting frameworks means that understanding what is required when, where, and by whom and whether disclosures are mandatory or voluntary, can be challenging.

ESG regulation: Where are we heading and what is the role of emerging markets?

In our whitepaper, we take a detailed look at how developing nations are adapting to the new economic reality. We also highlight the central role FIs must play in enabling and influencing the global sustainable transition – providing support by creating and delivering effective, innovative sustainable finance solutions.

From our standpoint as an international bank, Commerzbank explores the complex global landscape of current and upcoming ESG policies, including the real-world impact of regulation on supply chains and global markets. We also look at how the sustainable transition is also driving innovation and providing plentiful opportunities for the growth and development of emerging markets.

Designed to be a comprehensive source of information on ESG and emerging markets, our aim for this whitepaper is to act as a springboard for further dialogue and action.

The whitepaper addresses the following themes:

  • ESG reporting. What international ESG regulations have already been implemented, what is in the pipeline, and are there differences in the approaches adopted by different regions and markets?
  • The impacts of ESG requirements on emerging markets. Why are emerging markets particularly affected by issues of sustainability, and how are they adapting to the new economic reality?
  • The role of FIs in supporting emerging markets’ transition. What investments and solutions are needed to foster sustainable, economic development in emerging markets while ensuring compliance with sustainability standards?

The launch of the whitepaper coincides with Commerzbank’s commitment to the minimum viable product (MVP) pilot initiative, testing ICC’s recently published sustainable trade finance framework in relation to the textile industry.