In the transactions overview you can see the transactions made on your credit cards for up to 12 months. Furthermore, you can save or print transactions in the “CSV” file format.

How to select a credit card?

In the top line there is a drop-down menu containing all credit cards available for the transaction overview. Choose the desired credit card by clicking on the slide bar and the relevant transactions will be loaded. Or optionally, you can filter the credit cards according to the type of credit card.

The current balance of the selected credit card will be shown directly below the selection menu for credit cards.

How to set a filter?

To improve the structure and find certain transactions more quickly, various filters can be set in the transaction overview.

Time period

  • Above the various transactions there is a menu titled “Time period”. You can choose a time period for the transactions shown there between “Current transactions” and transactions from the past 3 months, 6 months or 12 months.
  • Furthermore, to the right of this menu there is the possibility to set the time period of the transaction you are looking for even more precisely. To do this, choose the start and end date from the calendar that will appear. Dates of transactions more than 12 months ago will be coloured grey and cannot be selected.

Advanced search

A search can be made even more specific using “Advanced search” under the menu for selecting the time period.

  • Search term: If you know part of the entry text for the transaction you are looking for, you can search for matching transactions using this function.
  • Amount from/to: If you know the amount of the transaction you are looking for, you can restrict the results to transactions within a certain amount frame.
  • Plus/Minus: If there are ticks in both boxes, you will search for both credits to (plus) and debits from (minus) your credit card account. If you know the transaction you are looking for is in your favour or at your expense, you can set the tick on the relevant option.

How to save or print credit card turnovers?

If you want to save or print transaction lists, there are various possibilities available.

  • Save transactions in a CVS file
  • You will find the button “CSV“ in the top line next to the title. You can use this to have your transactions shown in an Excel table. You can save or print these.