Commerzbank Corporate Banking App

  • Commerzbank Corporate Banking App

Access your corporate accounts at all times, wherever you are and wherever you bank

With our Corporate Banking app, you can enjoy all the benefits of being a Global Payment Plus (GPP) user. You can access your account information and confirm payments at any time, regardless of where your accounts are held. Simply log in to the app using your TouchID/fingerprint or FaceID. The GPP's multi-bank capability means that you can integrate and manage your Commerzbank accounts or other accounts, both in Germany and abroad.

If you are also a user of the Commerzbank FX Live Trader Web, you will be able to trade FX Spot and Forwards in our app and will get currency rates in real time.

Mobile payment confirmation via photoTAN

The confirmation of payments via the Corporate Banking app is carried out through our authorisation procedure photoTAN (reader or app).

Your benefits

  • Modern design with intuitive interface
  • Login with TouchID/fingerprint or FaceID
  • Multi-bank capable
  • Balances and transactions for all Global Payment Plus accounts
  • Confirm payments on the move
  • Push notification of new orders waiting for signature
  • High security standards for data transmission and authorisation of orders
  • Convenient and easy confirmation using photoTAN (reader or app)
  • Foreign exchange rates in real time for FX Live Trader Web users
  • FX Spot and Forward trading for FX Live Trader Web users

*This offer is only valid for customers in Germany and/or accounts managed in Germany

Download app now

The Corporate Banking app is available for iOS and Android smartphones. You can download the app free of charge in the relevant store.