Fraud with remote maintenance software

How the fraud works:

Fraud with remote maintenance software (remote access tool) is effective and very dangerous. Internet fraudsters claim, for example, that they are an IT technicians from Microsoft (or also “Windows”). The fraudster unsettles the victim by stating that the victim's computer has been infected with a virus and pressures them to install a remote access tool - for a payment, of course - and to remove the virus.

Alternatively, a person claiming to be an employee from Commerzbank calls on the pretext that they need to provide a vital update. The software package they mention is actually a remote access tool. During installation those persons affected may be sent to different computers as a distraction technique.

How can you protect yourself in this case?

  • Do not give any unknown person access to your PC and do not install any remote maintenance software.
  • Take care with any fee-based services offered on the telephone.
  • Do not reveal any confidential financial information to unknown people.
  • Regularly update your virus protection software-, in conjunction with the firewall if possible. Always install every security updates for your virus scanner.

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