Webinar Cybercrime/Social Engineering

Cyber criminals are using the human weak point ever more frequently for their ends. In this way offenders cleverly circumvent the available security technology. Through professional deception and influencing employees, fraudsters succeed in penetrating corporate networks and obtaining sensitive data or substantial payments. This increasing form of fraud is called “social engineering”.

  • Webinar Cybercrime

    More cases of cybercrime and social engineering fraud

    Prevention Webinar:
    Recognising signs and reacting correctly

Protect by prevention: recognising signs and reacting correctly

How you can effectively protect your company against this type of fraud. After a 60 minute presentation by our security experts they will be available to answer questions and exchange views for a further 30 minutes.

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  • The expert Ronny Wolf, Commerzbank Transaction Services, Product Management Cash Services, will give you first hand tips.