photoTAN in Global Payment Plus

With the new signature method photoTAN, you can release orders in any browser and accustomed secureness without USB signature stick.

For transition of the signature method to photoTAN, please follow the steps below.


DE: +49 69 136 26360

EN: +49 69 136 80527

Mon - Fri, 8 am - 6 pm (CET)

Please wait until you received your personal photoTAN activation letter.

Please follow the activation steps for photoTAN in the corporate customer portal. An additional manual, you will find here:

Please decide, if you want to activate:

your photoTAN reading device or

your photoTAN app on your smartphone.

Open Global Payment Plus and navigate to administration > bank accesses.

To start the transition process, please click on the button “New signature method”. To activate photoTAN for Global Payment Plus, you have to enter your signature PIN for the last time. This is necessary to announce your private key to the existing banks.

photoTAN will be activated for your existing bank accesses after successfully transition. Next time, you can use any browser to release orders in Global Payment Plus, not only the stick browser.

To release orders in Global Payment Plus, you have to scan the photoTAN graphic with your activated photoTAN devices (reader or app). After entering the generated TAN into Global Payment Plus, your order will be released automatically. For your security, transaction details will be shown on the photoTAN devices.