General Terms of Business


Dear Client,

In the course of the transfer of the shares and the customer portfolio of Commerzbank Zrt. to Erste Bank Hungary Zrt., we are amending our general terms and conditions pursuant to Section 1.3.1 of our current General Terms of Business. The amendments will enter into force on 1 December 2022, following the acquisition of our shares by Erste Bank Hungary Zrt.. After such entry into force of the amendments, the transfer of the customer portfolio will take place, so that the amended general terms and conditions will already govern the legal relationships between you and Erste Bank Hungary Zrt.. A description of the changes is attached to the information letter sent to you by post. When planning your banking transactions, please also take into consideration the bank holidays announced by Commerzbank Zrt. and Erste Bank Hungary Zrt.

The amendment to the General Terms of Business of Commerzbank Zrt. within the scope of Act V of 2013 and Act IV of 1959 in a consolidated form, in effect from 1st of December 2022 is avaible under “General Terms of Business”.

Yours sincerely

Commerzbank Zrt.