Commerzbank's presence in Brazil

Your safe bridge, connecting Europe with Brazil and your enterprise with the world.

We are a European bank with strong performance in financing export trade and a presence in more than 50 countries. With the opening of our subsidiary in São Paulo we have reinforced our partner links with Brazil, offering local support to our international clients in the country as well as support for the growing globalization of Brazilian companies. 

Our solid international structure and more than 100 years of experience enables us to act as a strategic partner to subsidiaries of European companies in Brazil and to Brazilian companies with business in Europe.  

We are at your side, with our expertise and deep familiarity of your needs and your markets, to create efficient financial solutions that will back up the expansion of your business.

  • We can facilitate your commercial export operations: our presence in more than 50 countries and our vast knowledge of commercial export flows between Europe, Brazil and the rest of the world qualifies us as your facilitator for international negotiations. For Brazilian companies with international negotiations we are present on five continents and one of the main banks in Germany and Eastern Europe;
  • Special treatment, thanks to a global relationship: we offer this benefit for you - a subsidiary of a group that has a relationship with the Commerzbank Group. Local relationship managers serve companies in harmony with the global team, this means that your company will benefit locally from the existing Group level relationship;
  • Easily understanding your needs: qualified professionals with experience in diverse markets, ready to assist with your daily demands. Commerzbank has a diverse team of Brazilian and foreign professionals trained to understand your business and offer appropriate solutions.

Commerzbank is the strategic partner in Brazil to provide financial services to foreign and Brazilian companies with business in Brazil, Europe and the world.

What differentiates us is the result of the sum of two skills. On the one hand, the solidity of a leading bank in providing services and trade finance in many markets, with a global presence and knowledge. On the other, our team, with extensive experience in the Brazilian market and proximity to our clients allows us to understand their needs and come up with the best financial solutions for their operations.

We are a European bank with a presence in more than 50 countries in Europe, the United States and the Far East. Our history in Brazil and in supporting the development of trade relations between Europe and Latin America began in the 19th century, with the work of Theodor Wille, one of our founders, in exporting coffee and sugar from the port of Santos.?

In Germany we are leaders in commercial export services and we finance more than 30% of this activity. In 2015 we were recognised as the best bank in the country by the magazine Euromoney.

Commerzbank has approximately 51,000 employees serving 16 million individual clients and more than a million corporate clients worldwide. The bank has representative offices in more than 50 countries and in 2015 generated gross revenue of nearly 9.8 billion Euros.

Our understanding of the local market comes from a long tradition of participating in Brazilian international trade. Theodor Wille, one of the founders of Commerzbank, began his activities in Brazil in 1838. His company was responsible for exporting coffee and sugar to Europe and providing Brazil with iron, steel and textile products from England and Germany.

In 1870 Theodor Wille took part in the founding of the Commerz and Discount Bank, which took the name Commerzbank from 1940. In 1952 Commerzbank opened its first office in Brazil to track transactions with German exporters. Our history has a close relationship with Brazil, through its participation in the Banco de Investimento Brasileiro S.A. (BIB) and through the acquisition of Dresdner Bank.

In its nearly 150-year history, Commerzbank expanded operations in both North America and Asia, having offices in New York since 1967 and in Hong Kong since 1979. In addition to the operational offices, the bank offers consulting services and international assistance through a selected network of partner banks.

The focus of Commerzbank's work, through its Brazilian subsidiary, is to fit our expertise to serve the needs of foreign companies with subsidiaries in Brazil and Brazilian companies with international operations. To do this we maintain close relationships, seeking to completely understand your needs and demands. We have a deep understanding of the global marketplace.

Our team works by your side, building lasting relationships of trust, cooperation and commitment.

Understanding needs
Our closeness allows guidance and we can seek efficient solutions, based on our knowledge of the international marketplace.

Understanding of the market
Our knowledge of various markets, mainly the European market, added to our business experience in Brazil, gives us solid credentials to assist in decision-making.

Our team combines global knowledge, local experience and a long-term focus to create solutions based on customer needs, providing corporate finance, cash management and payment transactions, international business and risk management.

The mark of our work is the close collaboration between relationship managers, who know your business and your market, and product specialists, in a uniform format in all countries where we operate. This generates agility, reliability and the guarantee of structured products and solutions tailored to meet your needs.

Our long collaboration and relationships with both international and Brazilian companies allows us to recognise opportunities and give strategic support to your business, together with other subsidiaries and branches in the group.

We offer a wide range of products and services tailored to the needs of your business. Commerzbank is at your side to both support you in your daily transactions such as payments, cash receipts and management, as well as for loans in local or foreign currency, and also includes service solutions and export trade finance, risk management, foreign exchange and treasury.

Call us to discuss your financial needs. We put our team and our experience at your side to find the best products and services to support managing and expanding your business.


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Commerzbank Brasil S.A. - Banco Múltiplo does not operate in Brazil as a retail bank and does not provide services for individuals. If a third party offers business to you on behalf of Commerzbank Brasil this can be a misuse of our name and probably fraud. We kindly ask you to be careful.

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