ept GmbH

“With the help of Commerzbank’s risk specialists, its research, and solutions individually tuned to our requirements, we were able to improve our risk management continuously and elaborate solutions suited to the tasks which we receive from our customers.”

Frank Spieler,
Head of Finance and Controlling


Electronic precision technology.

Corporate data

• Established: 1973

• Headquarters: Peiting

• Employees: 750

• Executive management: Bernhard Guglhör, Thomas Guglhör

Business activities

Manufacturing and distributing electro-mechanical components, punching and injection tools and processing machines.


ept GmbH develops, produces and distributes electronic plug connectors for high quality applications used in very different areas. Costing certainty in purchasing commodities such as zinc, tin, cooper or gold and palladium has a high priority for the company, because commodity prices are a decisive cost factor.

The requirement

To allow secure financial planning it is necessary to make the calculation of volatile commodity prices predictable through active management, thus stabilising procurement costs. Apart from this, a standard “Treasury” guideline will be implemented in the company, which will regulate targets, task distribution and competences for risk management as well as optimising the management of payment flows.

The solution

Current information and analyses of commodity price risks, using classic hedging instruments and advice on actively using opportunities arising from market movements, are the mix the company can rely on today. Moreover, with the help of Commerzbank a standard “Treasury” guideline has been introduced in order to reduce purchasing risks even further.