“Our cooperation with Commerzbank is notable for the flexible support they have given from the beginning, and our rapid growth has been supported by dedicated staff providing expertise in international business.”

Dr. Jan Kemper,
Chief Financial Officer

Zalando is Europe’s leading online platform for fashion and since 2008 has been the continent’s fastest-growing e-commerce supplier. Zalando shops are locally tailored to the needs of the clients in 15 different European markets. Their logistics network, which at present consists of four ultra-modern centres in Germany and a satellite warehouse in Italy with two further centres planned, allows Zalando to supply its clients efficiently, wherever they are in Europe.


The international Zalando shops record around 160 million visits per month, roughly two thirds using mobile terminals. Over 10,000 employees today ensure the over 19 million active customers get the merchandise they have ordered quickly and reliably. Only four years after establishment, Zalando’s sales exceeded the billion threshold. Zalando has to expand its purchasing sources and acquire new suppliers just as quickly.

The requirement

In the start-up phase suppliers of own brands had to be given security – without the risk and liquidity burden of orders with payment in advance. The means of choice: letters of credit In the beginning, it was also important for Zalando to familiarise its young employees with the instruments of international trade and country-specific peculiarities.

The solution

As a newcomer on the market, Zalando was a blank page as a business partner, so many producers of own brands were reluctant to take the risk of supplying on account. By issuing letters of credit and the associated payment security, Commerzbank was able to support Zalando in acquiring new, reputable suppliers worldwide. The close cooperation with our local specialists also ensured smooth cooperation. In view of the unchanged high growth of over 20 per cent, Zalando is continuing to rely on securing its global trading transactions with letters of credit.