Manage Payments

  • We will support to professionally manage accounts and payment flows thanks to reliable cash supply and current account information.

Manage payments

Professional management of accounts and payment flows is an integral part of your company. Liquidity planning and its careful management are especially important. This calls for easy and convenient access to your accounts and executions of orders must be reliable and quick. We offer you appropriate solutions for this.

These include reliable cash delivery and collection to account information updated several times a day. We also offer you multibank capable solutions for national and international payment transactions and innovative cash management systems.

The basis for smooth payment transactions: Your corporate account

The right corporate account is the basis for smooth payment transactions. In alignment with your needs, we offer a range of different account models, as well as various upgrade options. A range of practical solutions is also available, such as flexible and independent payment on business trips with the Commerzbank corporate card and the card-based payment system for traders.

Quick and direct to the destination: Payment transactions

The contract is signed and the goods have been delivered. Now the invoice has to be paid. You can submit your payment orders electronically via secure data transfer. And not just within Germany, but worldwide. Commerzbank offers you a large variety of solutions for the efficient, reliable and transparent processing of your payment transactions.

SEPA (Single Euro Payments Area) offers you new options for managing your cash flows even more efficiently: for example, the cash collection solution based on virtual accounts for faster account reconciliation – for payments from the entire Single Euro Payments Area. This allows you to achieve fully automated allocation within your accounting systems.

Do you have any further questions on this topic? We will be happy to answer them – just use the contact form.

Reaching the destination quickly and securely: Foreign payment transactions

Online payments are part of everyday business for companies. Electronic applications from Commerzbank allow you to manage your liquidity as simply and efficiently as your credit orders and securities transactions. Select either the online corporate banking portal in the Internet or special banking software - you choose the most appropriate option for your needs.

Commerzbank’s corporate banking portal is a convenient way to manage the accounts you hold worldwide at Commerzbank, as well as your accounts held with third-party banks in Germany and abroad. You can switch between applications without having to log on and off again: all the applications run from a single sign-on.

Your direct line to banks worldwide

Any company requiring a direct line to banks throughout the world can process its payment transactions with the most diverse of banks using the SWIFT network. Founded over 30 years ago in Belgium as a cooperative between banks with international operations as a way of providing a secure transfer process for cross-border payment transactions, the SWIFT network today covers more than 200 countries and offers far more than just payment data transfer. The company made a name for itself in the credit economy as a standardiser and financial data transfer expert.

Commerzbank can support you in using the global SWIFT network to process your payments. If and how a connection is advisable in any given case depends primarily on the communication channels your company currently has access to, the requirements you have for payment transactions and whether SWIFT access adds value to your business from a cost/benefit perspective. Commerzbank specialists support you in reaching this decision and, should you decide to take this route, help you with the subsequent implementation of corporate access to SWIFT.

With the SWIFT Shared Connection Service, Commerzbank offers you a simple and costeffective physical connection into the SWIFT network. You do not need your own SWIFT infrastructure. Instead, you can use our third-party-friendly “White Labelling” outsourcing solution.

Information management

In addition, our information service for building new relationships will be available to you, giving you credit report services and business information. Furthermore we offer address and debtor inquiry services.Has my customer's transfer already been received? And how is the credit worthiness of my new business partner in China? Such information is very important in business life.

With our information services your liquidity situation will always be ready for you. The data is updated several times a day in SWIFT or XML format. Using electronic banking software or the internet you can quickly access all the statements for your Commerzbank accounts and also accounts at other banks.

In addition, our information service for building new relationships will be available to you, giving you credit report services and business information.