Liquidity Management

  • We ensure your liquidity planning succeeds – for example, with incoming and outgoing payments that have to be quickly reconciled with each other.

Liquidity planning

Flexibility and speed are decisive factors in your business life. Therefore, your incoming and outgoing payments also have to be quickly reconciled with each other. In turn this makes high demands of your liquidity management – it has to ensure that the necessary liquidity is available at the right place at the right time and in the right currency.

Treasury Management

Do you know how your payment flows will look tomorrow, how high your interest burden will be in six months and what effects this will have on your liquidity? The Commerzbank Treasury Management System will provide you all the basic data and analyses at the touch of a button.

The most important interest rates and exchange rates will be provided automatically, your price dependent positions will be promptly valued. Extensive planning and analysis tools will also enable you to manage your finances exactly on a day-to-day basis and get an overview of future liquidity development.

Working Capital Management

In liquidity management, tying up working capital, i.e. the time period between paying for purchasing up to receipt of sales revenues, is an essential constituent.

In their analysis, your customer advisor will consider the average storage duration of stocks and the payment terms you grant. The intention is to shorten the capital turnover period on the basis of the analysis. In the end this results in liquidity and interest benefits for you.

Cash Pooling

Whether national, international or across banks: using cash pooling you can optimally manage the liquidity of your corporate accounts. By reconciling debit and credit balances you can improve your interest position really easily. Your customer advisor will be pleased to explain the details in a personal meeting.