Corporate Development

  • Optimisation, succession or new business model: Alongside bank products, Commerzbank advice offers practical action recommendations.

Successfully shaping corporate development

Regardless of whether you want to change your business model, sort out your company succession or improve your value creation process – Commerzbank advice is not just restricted to classic bank products, but will supply you with practical action recommendations beyond this.

Supply Chain

From placing orders to invoicing – you’ll get concrete proposals for improvements to your company from us at every stage of your Supply Chain. Regardless of which sector you’re in.

As early as placing orders you can protect your liquidity, e.g. with bank sureties and guarantees – because Commerzbank will assume the required promise to pay. With tailored risk hedging instruments you will also protect yourself against rising interest rates or fluctuating exchange rates. Individual solutions for import and export financing complete our offering.

Articles of association

Do you want to sort out your company succession in a structured manner or change the shareholder structure in your business? Then profit from the well-founded, needs-based advice from Commerzbank. Our project related team will give you expert support in these complex tasks and will take all financial, legal and tax questions into account. The earlier you include us in your considerations, the more possibilities will be available to you when individually shaping your concept for company succession.

Company purchases and sales

Company purchases and sales pose complex challenges to you as a business owner. Whether it’s takeovers by a strategic investor, management buy-outs or management buy-ins: They’ll all permanently change the structure of your balance sheet.

Which is why a detailed analysis of future cash flow and professional advice are decisive for you. Furthermore, for listed companies we draw up e.g. independent reports about a transaction in the interests of the shareholders (fairness option).