Commerzbank is developing its strategy for corporate clients further and is expanding the service offering for corporates.

In future, the corporate clients business will have an even stronger and more consistent client focus.

Commerzbank recently published its new strategic programme. More than ever before we want to be the “bank at your side”, for Mittelstand (SMEs), Large Corporates and institutional clients. We will therefore expand our number of relationship managers and invest in digital technologies.

Restrained economic expectations, the rise in trade conflicts as well as social mega trends such as increasing digitalisation and intensified debate on climate change are only a few of the challenges companies face today. Corporate clients are in greater need of a trustworthy banking partner with a high level of expertise to support them in confronting these challenges. You need a partner that offers a vast knowledge of global markets and profound understanding of current trends, meeting your requirements with a wide range of advisory services and products.

That is why we are investing comprehensively in our advisory services and expanding the number of corporate clients relationship managers in Germany and in our core markets in the eurozone. In future, our relationship managers will have even more time to identify tailored solutions for their clients.

Furthermore we will expand the sector approach within our advisory services, offering expert knowledge of key industries and current trends. Companies within the sector are no longer developing at the same pace and the entrepreneurial challenges are becoming increasingly diverse, and therefore it is essential for a bank to provide an in-depth understanding of sectors for its clients.

Additionally, we will continue to expand our digital offering, because corporate clients also need to be able to access our services, for example in transaction banking, 24/7 – wherever and whenever they need to.

An integral part of the new strategy is the focus on corporate responsibility. The Corporate Clients business operates in compliance with strict guidelines including a clear position towards financing weapons and armaments, coal mining or food commodity speculation.

The Bank wants to support its clients on their journey to greater sustainability. Sustainable products and services are already firmly established in our product portfolio. They include sustainable financing products, such as Green Bonds. We also help our clients to offset their emissions by trading CO2 certificates and the “Centre of Competence - Energy” has been supporting our corporate clients for many years.

So, in a nutshell, what does the new strategy mean for you – Commerzbank is the bank at your side and will continue to be there for you: digital, personal and responsible.

For further information on Commerzbank`s new strategy, click here.